Yanmar has launched a new app to provide operators with in-depth practical and technical information about the latest Yanmar machines. 'Yanmar Scan', as it is called, is available this month and is compatible with all new models featuring a QR code.

Operation of the app is simple - just point a smartphone camera at the code and wait to be whisked to the relevant machine page. As well as detailed user information, operators can access safety instructions, lashing and slinging diagrams and daily maintenance guidance.

Users can quickly navigate every model in the Yanmar range via the easy-to-use menus and online search fields. 

Damiano Violi, managing drector at Yanmar Compact Equipment EMEA said: “We developed Yanmar Scan to provide operators with a simple way to access important machine information via their smartphone. The new tool aims makes it easy to search for machine use, machine safety and machine maintenance data and eliminates the need to keep paper copies on site.

“This forward-thinking approach not only maximises efficiencies, but also further improves the user experience and makes maintenance checks, operator training and preparing machines for transport easier than ever!”

Get a better idea of the new system right here. For further information, or to find your nearest Yanmar dealer, head to www.yanmar.com/gb/construction.