A warm welcome to the brand new, singing, dancing and fully responsive (it works on mobile devices too) Executive Hire News website!

We haven't always been fully on top of this internet thing in the past, but the recent redesign of the magazine presented an ideal opportunity for us to do the same online. Sadly, conflicting schedules meant that we were unable to deliver both at the same time, but better a few days late than never...

So what's new?  The first thing to note is consistency, which is to say that the new site, the magazine and the Executive Hire Show now look like members of the same family. Second is currency. Online platforms are ready made to deliver 'news', as and when it breaks, so that's what we'll be doing from now on. We'll still have the same great mix of content in the magazine, of course. 

Lastly, and certainly not leastly, is value for your time. Plant and tool hire professionals have busy jobs and heck knows there are already too many other distractions online, so we're going to keep things nice and simple. This means a straightforward structure, halving the number of menu choices compared to the old website. Online articles can sometimes be a bit of a chore to read too, so we've reduced the clutter, enlarged the images and reined in the wordcounts. 

The new EHN website is just one facet of our media strategy moving forward. Stay tuned for news of the Executive Hire Show, new roadshows and an exciting new start for the Innovation Trail. 

In the meantime, our new site is a brighter, breezier and altogether better place to be online, so dive in and enjoy!