In a move that may well inspire standardisation and a general spirit of entente cordiale in other areas, Wacker Neuson has decided to share its modular battery platform with rival equipment manufacturer Bomag.

From Autumn 2021, the batteries made for Wacker's soil compaction equipment will also work on Bomag machinery of the same. Users will thus be able to use one battery platform for a number of devices, and likewise they'll all be powered by a single charger. It's easy to see why this might be popular.

As far as Wacker Neuson sees it, the move is a positive step towards a safer, cleaner jobsite. “We firmly believe that many more construction sites could be operated without producing any direct exhaust emissions, especially in urban areas,” explained Stefan Pfetsch, managing director of the Wacker Neuson factory in Reichertshofen, Bavaria.

“Our interchangeable battery has the potential to power a wide range of construction equipment. By enabling another manufacturer to use our battery, we are further accelerating the adoption of emissions-free construction equipment and underscoring Wacker Neuson’s commitment to fast-tracking carbon reductions.”