Respirable crystalline silica dust is the cause of assorted allergies, health-limiting disorders and even lung cancer. Put simply, you don't want to be inhaling it under any circumstances. To which end, Trime is just about to unveil its new range of 'Tekno-Spray' dust suppression equipment.

“This is a new product range from us, but not a new product range for us,” says Trime Export Manager, Simon Dalu, emphasising the italics. “The Trime team has over a decade of experience in manufacturing and marketing a complete range of dust suppression machinery. We are now ready to launch this advanced line of equipment under the Tekno-Spray brand."

“The overall appearance of the Tekno-Spray sets are not too dissimilar to those that are already on the market, but uniquely it’s these added-value items that we have integrated into the Tekno-Spray units that make them stand out from other dust suppression products.” he adds.

All Tekno-Spray machines have the Trime ‘ROT All Inclusive System’, which allows a users to have fingertip remote control of oscillation and titling functions, enabling close-control dust suppression at a safe distance. The new equipment also features a safety automatic clutch that stops the cannon’s rotation if it detects even the slightest touch. Meanwhile, a central lifting hook and a foldable tow bar alleviates the need to use lifting chains, hooks and slings.