Exhibition design specialists Smart Display will once again inspire a new generation of green fingered hirers, with its ‘living wall’ stand design created on behalf of Executive Hire Show regulars, Trime UK.

Living plants were first incorporated into Trime UK’s stand at last year’s Executive Hire Show, drawing a positive response from visitors and fellow exhibitors alike. In line with its own green credentials, the team at Trime UK was keen to see its foliage live on, and teamed up with a Cambridgeshire primary school seeking to heighten its pupils’ awareness of the environment, sustainability and the joy of gardening.

The collaboration was so successful that Trime UK will repeat the design again at this year’s event, and plans to carefully transport its plants to the same school after the show closes.

“We are well-known within the hire industry for our sustainable, energy- and water-saving machinery,” said Trime UK marketing manager Emma Cohen, who spearheaded the project. “However, the show attracts new visitors and we wanted to draw their attention to our environmental credentials with a novel display of live, green plants, which covered a large part of our presentation. We received a lot of positive comments, so we believe we got our message across.”

Keen for the plants to live on after the two-day show, Emma teamed up with Godmanchester School, an eco-school and community academy with a strong focus of ecological education. The wall was carefully relocated and re-planted in the foyer of the Cambridgeshire-based school.

“We can’t thank Trime UK enough for thinking of us and supporting us with this donation,” added Mrs Harman, the school’s eco-coordinator. “Our pupils are passionate about the environment, sustainability and gardening and, over the past year, our gardening club has worked hard to develop multiple areas in our outdoor environment. The living wall has meant that we can bring nature indoors and enjoy the benefits of greenery and growth in our foyer.”

“Our pupils got straight to work with sustaining the living wall and taking responsibility for watering it,” continues Mrs Harman. “Our gardening club intends to research the different plants to ensure that we are giving them everything they need to survive and flourish. The wall has already been admired by our many school visitors and allows us to celebrate our passion for nature and the environment from the moment people enter our building.”

This year’s living wall is currently being nurtured by the team at Smart Display. Inspired to see that last year’s creation is still in bloom, the pressure is on Smart’s team of designers to plant and create an equally hardy wall that will go on to flourish as well as its predecessor.

“Creating Trime UK’s living wall was one of my proudest stand designs to date,” said  Sarah Addison, designer at Smart Display and the lead creator behind both last year’s stand and this year’s updated version. "We had to be careful to choose the shrubs that were in season and would weather two days in an exhibition hall, before being transported to the school. We planted every last shrub ourselves and seeing it come to life on-site was a huge achievement, and one which we hope to repeat next week.”