The ‘Transparent Bucket’ system developed by Doosan Infracore has been selected as a finalist in the Digitalisation category of the Bauma 2022 Innovation Awards.

To have reached the round of finalists is already a distinction for the candidates for the Bauma Innovation Awards. From this group, an expert jury selects three nominees for the award in each of the five categories - aside from Digitalisation, others include Climate Protection, Mechanical Engineering, Building and Research. The 15 nominated innovations will be officially announced by the organisers in early September 2022.

The Transparent Bucket allows the wheel loader driver to see blind spots in front of the bucket, using a monitor in the cab. The system records images in front of the wheel loader with top and bottom front-loaded cameras, and shows combined images on the cab monitor in real-time.

Blind spots caused by the buckets on wheel loaders have long been considered an area of concern in terms of safety. With the new Doosan Transparent Bucket function, however, the driver can easily check the blind spots in front of the bucket via the cab monitor, to increase safety and prevent accidents.

Another advantage of the Transparent Bucket is that it can improve work efficiency by providing a forward-view perspective for the driver during loading/unloading, or when carrying materials such as aggregates, sand and soil.

Doosan has also developed further sophisticated safety systems for the company’s machinery range, such as the around view monitor (AVM) system, which can observe a machine's surroundings, and a rear warning system using ultrasonic sensors. Both have received favourable responses from customers.