A new positioning network covering the entire island of Ireland - Éire - has been launched by Topcon, offering improved support and accessibility for construction businesses looking to accelerate productivity and advance accuracy.

The new Topcon network connects with Beidou and Galileo systems, as well as the standard GLONASS and GPS systems, meaning that access is easier and more reliable, and accuracy is  greatly improved.

There is a dense network of stations already in place, with more planned in the coming weeks to achieve full coverage of the island with a single subscription. The new network will also be maintained by Topcon’s global professional services team around the clock, ensuring that businesses have on-hand tech support for troubleshooting and better backup capabilities.

Mark Fagan, business director for Ireland and Northern Ireland, said: “We’re pleased to be able to launch this new network and help businesses across the island of Ireland. All the benefits that the new network will bring will help industries take a big step forward in digital adoption; something that’s needed now more than ever as we continue to see the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“This is an exciting development for Ireland as a whole. We’re delighted to be able to offer this to support businesses in digitalising their workflows to see productivity and efficiency boosts across the board.”

The business is also offering a more flexible system for subscribers, with hourly packages available to be allocated as businesses see fit to their machines and projects across Ireland and beyond.

Subscriptions will run through Topcon’s recently launched 'Topnet Live', which is a real-time GNSS correction service. Thanks to the new network, Ireland will become part of the European and global Topnet Live network, offering European roaming to users.

The new Irish network via Topnet Live is available right away. See here for more information.