According to a new series of product information videos from ForgeFast, there's quite a lot more to the humble woodscrew than meets the eye.

Indeed so. In the nine videos presented by respected tradesperson and prominent YouTuber, Robin Clevett, we take a deep dive into the ForgeFast range - right down to the molecular level of lubrication, in fact. Each video also includes expert hints and tips, as Robin gets to grips with ForgeFast’s Self Drilling and Low Torque screws, its Decking screws, Anti-Split and Fast Start screws, Exterior Elite 2000 screws, Timber Fixing screws, Construction screws and Flooring screws.  

ForgeFast is a complete range of Elite Performance Woodscrews which feature a proprietary self-drilling thread based on a DIN338 wood drill design. Spiral grooves form the drill cutting edge and drill flutes remove rather than displace timber, reducing splitting and jacking.

The self-drilling thread design reduces torque, so power tool batteries last longer and screws drive in faster. Splitting and jacking are reduced while pull-out protection is increased to give a firmer fix. The sharp point, capable of penetrating 0.8mm steel, creates a fast bite and means no pre-drilling is required, resulting in much faster installations. For maximum corrosion resistance, ForgeFast screws benefit from the 'Elementech 2000' coating, which has been salt spray tested to 2000 hours.

Well, blimey. Head to for further information, while a sample video can be viewed below.