The internet, as we all know, is a repository of beauty, wisdom and the very best of humanity. Not much of which is on display in a bunch of photos doing the rounds at the moment.

For those of you who have ever wondered how to change a lightbulb or make repairs on a high ceiling above a swimming pool - and who among us hasn't? - we present these geniuses.

In fairness, it was always going to be tricky, since whatever these gents are looking at happens to be in the very middle of the pool. Their solution was to press what looks like a JLG 3248RS into service. But how to move the 2774kg electric machine from the side of the pool to the centre, while also supporting the weight of two operatives who aren't exactly slim? 

Pondering this challenge, the Brains Trust fashioned a makeshift raft out of several interlocking plastic floats. At the very least, they'd spread cloths around and the machine was tethered down, although that wouldn't have helped much in an emergency.

Other questions remain unanswered. Such as how the the sorry assembly was floated with any kind of accuracy to the required position, how it stayed in place, how it remained stable without capsizing, how it got back, whether the job was completed satisfactorily, how nobody and no expensive equipment got wet while doing any of this, who put them up to it, whether somebody is having us on, whether these guys kept their jobs - and why? Seriously, why...?

Anyway, that's Friday's entertainment for you. Back to the day jobs.