It was surprising to see how many new products were launched at the recent Plantworx expo - and perhaps even more so the few manufacturers who bothered to announce the fact. Sunward, on the other hand, is in the midst of establishing a UK foothold, and there's no better way at the moment than with a new electric digger.

A small tick of approval to the Sunward team for at least adding a 'new' tag to the SWE 20FED information board. They might have been a little bolder, but thyen again they were run off their feet throughout the event. 

The new machine, meanwhile, sports a pleasingly boxy aesthetic, all painted in the distinctive turquoise livery as seen. Its 1920kg weight will find favour with hirers of micro machinery, although there's nothing diminutive about the performance stats - its 76.8V lithium-ion battery delivering 8kW of power - sufficient for over six hours of operation - while the breakout force at the bucket is 21kN and the unit can dig to a depth of 2057mm. 

The SWE 20FED is 990mm wide, meaning it won't fit through a standard domestic doorway. However, the machine is highly suitable for modest construction tasks - particularly in tight working areas or emission-sensitive jobsites.

Seen here in canopy format, the new equipment can also be specced with a cab. If the new machine looks a little familiar that's becuase it is based on Sunward's European best-seller, the SWE 20F. Otherwise, we have to say it's a bit of a looker!