Sunbelt Rentals has invested £850K in new Trime and PELI lighting products for the rail industry.

Eight different lighting units have been acquired overall, including the X-Solar, X-Eco Battery, X-Chain, X-Rail, X-Rail Link Light from Trime; and the 9600 Arena Lighting Unit, 9430 Battery Task Light and the 9480/9490 Detachable Battery Task Light from PELI.

Purchased for Sunbelt's rail business, the units will be distributed as part of ongoing customer agreements. The investment is in response to continued equipment upgrades and increasing customer demand for eco-friendly lighting solutions. The new lighting will be used on rail renewal sites, including access roads, car parking, welfare and track working areas.

“This new initial investment means the company is ideally placed to meet the needs of rail customers across the UK. Sunbelt Rentals is committed to investing in the latest innovative and sustainable equipment to get the job done quickly, safely and efficiently," says Ross Gibbons, director of rail at Sunbelt.

“The environmental impact of running diesel lights all night on large-scale sites is no longer sustainable. It’s not just about carbon emissions; Network Rail’s lineside neighbours are also very important to us and by using mains power, we’re reducing the noise and light pollution.

“Our latest investment will provide contractors with significant environmental and financial benefits over traditional lighting solutions. The units offer crisp, clear light, with zero fuel costs, lower emissions, longer running times as well as a range of additional benefits."