The team at Genquip Groundhog is very excited about EHS 2022, where it will be showcasing two new products - a lithium-ion battery-powered welfare cabin and a new solar loo.

Taking centre stage on stand H10 will be the Groundhog I.760. This unisex welfare unit features two solar panels, a 2000VA inverter/charger, and a 330AH lithium battery, backed up by an efficient 6.0kVA diesel generator. The I.760 features a waterless urinal, two ceramic flushing toilets and fixed overhead 12V lighting. Also included is an area for eating and drinking, with ample office space. For the vast majority of its usage the I.760 runs fuel-free, resulting in substantial fuel savings, lower carbon emissions and reduced service schedules. The I.760 incorporates the latest environmental and safety technologies, which makes the unit ideally suited for the ever-increasing demands of the hire industry.

Alongside the I.760 will be the Groundhog Solar Loo. This fuel-free, solar powered unisex toilet is designed for use on construction sites. The female area features a low flush eco toilet with a 400 litre waste tank. The male compartment also has low flush eco toilet and a 1200mm waterless urinal with a 1200mm stainless steel wash trough with two warm-water taps. Both female and male users of the Solar Loo benefit from warm water supplied by on-board heating system, 12V LED lighting with PIR, liquid soap and a paper towel dispenser.