If our recent trip to LFI proved anything, it's that the company was not going to be defined by excellent ladders alone. Underlining the point, the 75 year-old Gloucestershire-based family firm has just announced a brand new line of robust staging boards. 

Joining its 'Tuff' range of equipment designed to withstand the heaviest commercial use, the new boards make use of strong and durable materials, while remaining relatively lightweight. Furthermore, serviceable components ensures that longevity is maximised. 

The Tuff Boards are available in standard sizes up to 7.1m, and with widths of 450 or 600mm - bespoke lengths can be manufactured by request. In terms of other features, a post and handrail system is available from stock- either as the purpose-built ‘L’ shape post and bracket to fit specific LFI boards by width, or using a Universal post and bracket which can be used on either size.

Lastly, the Tuff Boards are certified to BS2037 Class 1 and can carry distributed loads up to 270kg.