Construction machines great to be in, but not always the safest to be around. Thanks to a new initiative from SiteZone Safety, such concerns might soon be a thing of the past.

That's because all new excavator systems supplied by SiteZone Safety will now have the SmartBubble 'Deadman’s Handle' option installed as a standard. SiteZone is the only proximity warning system available to employ this patent-pending technology.

SmartBubble automates authorised approach to plant vehicles when they are in a ‘safe state’ without triggering workers’ SiteZone proximity warning tags and system alarms. It also operates in conjunction with existing safety protocols, like ‘thumbs up’ and helps to reinforce positive safety behaviour around mobile plant.

On excavators, SmartBubble reduces the SiteZone exclusion zone when the machine is in a safe state, i.e. when the deadman’s handle is engaged. As soon as the DMH is disengaged the exclusion zone increases to its 'working' size. The above image descibes the system very neatly.

Meanwhile, SiteZone Safety’s telematics option, OverSite, is being upgraded to include SmartBubble functionality. OverSite gathers real time collision risk data from the PWS to enable better safety benchmarking. 

Explaining the recent move, Gary Escott, managing director of SiteZone Safety said: “SiteZone Safety has decided to take this action because since the launch of SmartBubble 18 months ago, there has been increasing customer demand for its various options across all types of plant. This reinforces its valuable contribution and effectiveness in the prevention of personnel to vehicle collision risk.”