Having to purchase protective workwear piecemeal can be a time-consuming and expensive pursuit. After researching the concerns of construction workers, Wasp Site Safety found that the lives of nearly 90% of them would be improved if they were able to buy all of their safety equipment in one fell swoop. As a result, the concept of the 'Site Safety Box' was created...

Comprising 1x safety helmet,1x safety glasses, 2x hi-vis vests, 1x cut level D work gloves, 1x ear defenders, 1x ear plugs and costing just £29.95, the Site Safety Box delivers a compact one-stop solution as the name suggests - better yet, it's available with free next-day delivery.

“WASP Site Safety was born based on a wealth of concerning industry insights - almost half of UK tradespeople have been seriously injured at work, a figure that’s frankly too high and needs to be dealt with. Our latest product launch brings an all-in-one solution to the market that makes it easy for workers to stay safe on any site," explains company co-founder Tom Skerritt

"We know there’s a demand here, our latest research found that 89% of construction workers’ lives would be made easier if they were able to purchase all of their safety equipment in one place. It also unveiled that just under half of construction workers reported ‘cost’ and a ‘lack of stock’ as the main barriers when sourcing correct safety workwear." 

While Chris McManus, managing director of ADI Midlands punningly added: “The constant fear of getting stung with the wrong safety workwear does take a toll on my business. It’s a constant source of worry, making sure that I’m sending people to sites with the right equipment and workwear. A solution like the Site Safety Box is perfect, as it gives me peace of mind that my staff have the essential protection they need when they’re visiting sites all over the country.”

So there it is - an economical ad-hoc site safety solution in a box. Sounds like a good idea to us. Head to www.waspsitesafety.com for further details.