There is certainly more to ladders than meets the eye. Most in general use have a stabiliser bar fitted to meet Part 1, Clause 4.2 b2 of the EN131 standard.

There's a calculation relating to a ladder’s minimum base width and its height of 3m or above. This clause could prohibit safe use in the case of LFI’s TuFF steel ladder, which is designed for use in conjunction with scaffolding.

Staying ahead of such concerns, LFI has taken pre-emptive steps to remind users that the ladder is not for general use and that it falls outside of the scope of the full standard(s). Hence, a new label detailing that the TuFF Steel is a ‘Specialist Ladder' and that it must be securely tied off.

Where the ladder is used in other access applications, either by a private party or an individual's risk-assessed scenario, the ladder is used in conjunction with and under someone's safe system of work, including securely attaching it to a structure (ie 'Tied Off). This ensures that the LFI Tuff Steel ladder remains compliant, as it always has within scaffolding and underground access applications.