Worm casts provide a challenge for groundscare professionals. Moving with the times, Redexim devised its 'Top-Brush' solution, which is already finding favour at Newark Golf Club.

“Having gone through the autumn and winter struggling with casts on our fairways and surrounds, as soon as I saw the Top-Brush on social media I requested a demonstration” says Course Manager, Alex Clarricoates, who recently acquired the 6m wide machine from local dealer F.G. Adamson & Sons.

"The large working width of the Top-Brush means it can quickly and effectively rid large areas of not only worm casts, but also organic matter and dew. Its three brushes can rotate in or against the direction of travel and its working depth can be adjusted to achieve a light surface brush or more aggressive, deeper surface agitation. This versatility means that throughout the spring and summer we’ll be using the Top-Brush for clearing dew and removing lateral growth, and during periods of drought it will be a key tool to deliver that extra little bit of surface presentation on the fairways without needing to cut.”

Alex also received a demonstration of the Redexim Verti-Drain 7416 aerator, which was purchased on the spot. 

“With these two new tools at our disposal, we are in a fantastic place when it comes to course condition. It’s only upwards from here!" he concludes.