HiKOKI Power Tools has launched a new cordless rebar cutter/bender. The VB36 16 DA is a relative lightweight, at just 18.6Kg, yet delivers AC power with DC freedom.

Rebar is all in a day's work for the VB36 16 DA. Users simply set the dial to the ‘Cut’ option, position the tool, open the cover, set the rebar on the lower cutter and pull the trigger. It's even possible to ‘double up’ and cut two 10mm rebar at the same time.

The new machine also bends rebar with ease. Operators set the desired angle with a turn of the dial and make further adjustments with the variable speed switch. As before, users can double, or even treble up on tasks - the VB36 can bend two x 13mm or three x 10mm rebar.

With no cord to get in the way, the VB36 16 DA is eminently portable and highly suitable for ad-hoc jobs or enclosed working environments. The tool also comes with a five year warranty, subject to terms and conditions.