POP UP Products has launched a new addition to its access tower range, with the focus on a fast, adaptable and safe platform for a single worker.

The 'Z’Tower', as it is written, is designed to be quick to erect, easy to manouevre and height adjustable up to 1.8 metres. Its single piece design means it can be installed in two minutes by one user without additional tools or fixings.

It is also convenient to store and transport, folding down to 0.69m x 0.95m x 1.57m - which easily fits into a small van.

“Our customers wanted something that was quick and easy to use but also versatile and conformed to the latest safety standards. We think our research engineers have ticked all the boxes with the innovative single-piece design of the Z’Tower," explained POP UP Products Sales Director Ben Sly.

“It’s an ideal piece of equipment for a range of indoor jobs and professions and we believe its ease of use will quickly make it a standard piece of kit for those working on their own. As for all our products, safety is of paramount importance so the Z’Tower is certified to product standard EN1004-1.".

The Z’Tower design is based on a telescopic modular system using sliding ladders to achieve 7 platform heights from 0.30 metres to 1.8 metres. It has non-marking swivel wheels and retractable stabilisers, which means it can be moved through doorways without being taken apart.

It is made from aluminium, making it lightweight but strong enough to support up to 200kg/m2. Sliding braces and guardrails give the platform stability while in use, with additional cross-braces when using the the Z’Tower at the maximum platform height.