Handwritten signatures – in actual pen and genuine ink – are a delightful anachronism in the modern era. Point of Rental has long embraced electronic solutions, of course, and its ‘eSign' electronic signature product not only offers the ability to accept initials digitally, but can require them at any point in any document.

“I think that this is going to be a highly-anticipated and highly-used feature,” said Essentials director of software development, Robert Flach.

“Users can designate a string of text that they want to receive initials next to, and take an unlimited number of initials on a document.”

eSign itself is capable of collecting electronic signatures remotely, regardless of what type of rental software a business uses. In 2020, Point of Rental added the ability to collect payments from within its app. The ability to collect initials digitally brings eSign in line with other electronic signature solutions aimed at other industries.

eSign is also fast, easy to configure, and has a demo mode that allows users to preview their documents and the locations of initial/signature boxes before collecting signatures.