Good things have come in threes for Norwich City FC, following the recent addition of a third INFINICUT SM34 rotary mower.

Head of Grounds Adam Grantham's first INFINICUT delivery came shortly after he took the reins at the club in January 2022. “I’d used INFINICUT’s at my previous venue and had always been impressed with their performance” he explained. “I put in a request for two SM34 rotary mowers which the club backed, and these proved to be a brilliant investment. The pair gave us a vastly improved battery-life and quality of finish compared to our previous units.”

Used primarily for debris clearance and the post-match clean-up cut, Adam could see the possibilities a third SM34 could bring.The latest machine was delivered in time for the start of the new season. “The trio have become a big part of our preparations as we move through the week, particularly during periods where we want to let the pitch ‘be’ for a little while - cutting with the rotaries to remove quantity ahead of a final cut with the cylinders. They’re bullet proof in their build and the set up couldn’t be simpler, literally one spanner and you’re away!” he continued.

The SM34 from INFINICUT delivers millimetre precision adjustment and strong vacuum performance for powerful debris removal, cleanness of cut and an immaculate finish. With electric machinery making headway in the groundscare sector, it is  driven by a long-lasting and reliable 105Ah lithium-ion battery.