Who doesn't like a shiny new dumper? Not us, anyway, so we're always interested to highlight new machinery as it's launched. Today we have the new DW40 from Wacker Neuson, with additional options for the existing DW20 and DW30 models.

The large display for the front and rear-view camera, and the optimum arrangement of operator controls, makes the DW40 easy to operate. Additional joystick controls enable the operator to keep a left hand on the steering wheel, with the right hand controlling other functions. This makes material transport safe, comfortable and efficient. In addition, the entry and exit points have been optimised,, and the operator can get into the machine comfortably regardless of slopes or obstacles. 

The DW40 is equipped as standard with a spring-loaded parking brake, which is actuated automatically as soon as the engine is switched off, thus resulting in a reduction of fuel required and CO2 emissions. The optional cabin ensures a pleasant working environment and includes heating and air-conditioning, LED work lights, a radio and hands-free intercom. The dumper can also be serviced quickly and easily, as the service points can be easily reached from ground level. Extended maintenance intervals round out the package.


DW20 and DW30 
New options for the DW20 and DW30 dumpers include a weather protection roof, shielding the operator from the elements. In addition, the high swivel tip skip is ideally suitable for bridging height differences in narrow spaces, while a tilt sensor warns the operator optically and acoustically about a possible instability and reduces the maximum travel speed of the machine as required. For the larger DW30, an optimised concrete skip is also available. Both machines are equipped with a hydrostatic drive and an articulated pendulum joint. 

Wacker Neuson offers over 20 different track and wheel dumpers, including the innovative 'Dual View' models, which improve safety and afford better views thanks to their rotating cockpits.