The new Cat 308 CR Fixed Boom hydraulic mini excavator offers power and performance in a wide range of applications.

Its fixed boom and compact radius design limit overhang when working to the side, enabling the machine to excel in confined spaces. In comparison to a swing boom design, the fixed boom delivers increased vertical wall digging depth and dump height, and improves lifting performance when working at a close radius to the machine.

In terms of vital statistics, the 308 CR increases stick length from 1670mm to 2210mm, the long-stick option extends dig depth from 4150mm to 4690mm and maximum reach from 6390mm to 6900mm. The new machine is powered by the 51.8-kW Cat C3.3B engine, meeting EU Stage V emissions standards and offering a maximum speed of 4.9km/h.

Other highlights include load-sensing hydraulics with variable displacement pump providing oil flow up to 167 L/min; a quiet, comfortable and climate-controlled cab; the ability to fit Cat’s TRS8 TiltRotate System, and enhanced visibility thanks to wide side, rear and rooftop windows and an optional rearview camera linking to the in-cab monitor.

While the CR 308 comfortably occupies the 8 tonne category, Caterpillar has also announced the smaller 302.7 CR, 303 CR and 303.5 CR excavators in the 2.7 to 3.5-tonne class. Each new model features stick steer, cruise control, operator adjustable settings, and tilt-up canopy or cab as standard equipment.

The Cat C1.1 Turbo engine powers the 302.7 CR and 303 CR models, while the Cat C1.7 provides the powertrain for the 303.5 CR. Both engines meet EU Stage V emissions standards and offer 17.6 kW net power. All machines feature a compact radius swing that reduces overhang when working to the side, optimising performance in confined spaces. Fixed undercarriage widths for the 302.7 CR, 303 CR and 303.5 CR of 1500, 1550 and 1780mm respectively, while expandable undercarriage option for the 302.7 CR allows the operator to hydraulically retract track width to 1355mm or expand to 1780mm for additional stability.

The new excavators are offered in choice of canopy or cab enclosures, and can be equipped with heating and/or air conditioning for all-weather performance.