CASE has just launched the Backhoe Loader SV Series, which features an expanded cab with enhanced controls, a Stage V engine and retains class-leading features and performance.

The redesigned interior and exterior cab is wider, providing greater clearance for the operator’s legs when rotating the seat between forward facing and rear facing configuration. The left-hand cab console redesign also places the wiper tank beneath one of the new open tray storage units, enabling convenient refills via the left-hand door.

Operator safety has been enhanced, with rear side glasses that provide greater visibility and are less expensive to replace. Additional features include a 3db noise reduction to 74db compared to the previous model, and relocating the horn switch onto the left gear shifter on Power Shift units for easier and quicker accessibility in case of emergency. Other comforts include two USB ports, a 12v port on the instrument cluster, a mobile phone holder, Bluetooth technology and a storage capacity that is four times greater than the previous series.

The 3.6 litre 4-cylinder 16v 1800 bar common rail injection engine with WG turbocharger delivers up to 82kW and 460Nm, enabling high manoeuvrability. Operating costs have been minimised through a 500-hour oil change interval, and a variable volume pump that only provides oil when needed. The familiar one side serviceability layout is retained for swift and convenient maintenance.

The SV Series is available in three models – 580SV, 590SV and 695SV. See for further details.