Following its recently announced distributorship with Sunbelt, National Flooring Equipment has set up a permanent UK base in Manchester.

National’s physical presence in the UK gives British contractors wider access to National Flooring Equipment’s American-made floor removal and surface preparation equipment.The company will also offer free training and support for machine and tooling selection. 

National’s scrapers enable contractors to change the pitch and angle of the blade, allowing the operator to insert the blade underneath the floor covering and then effortlessly lift the material off the floor. The company offers tooling for all floor covering types, from cork to carpet, and can accommodate for a variety of subfloor including both hard and soft concrete. 

“In surface preparation jobs, success is highly dependent on the selection of both the machine and tooling,” added EMEA Sales Director Nick White. “Sometimes you need to see it to achieve it, and by offering free, on-site training we can ensure British contractors can deliver the best possible work for their flooring customers, improving customer satisfaction and job site efficiency, ultimately driving business growth.”

The new facility will offer a range of National Flooring Equipment scraper technology and tooling, including popular walk-behind machines the 550 and 5280, alongside ride-on systems the 5700 and 8000. The Sunbelt Rentals division is currently the only place in the UK where you can rent the dinstinctive Rogue scraper, which bridges the gap between walk-behind and ride-on technology.

The opening of this new facility creates further opportunities for rental and construction companies in the UK and across Europe to collaborate with National Flooring Equipment to ensure contractors can deliver high quality surface preparation work.