A new app from MCS Rental Software gives hirers the ability to digitise shift allocation, timesheet creation and submission, and it finalises customer invoicing for the actual number of hours worked.

The 'MCS Timesheet' mobile app enables users to organise their teams better and adapt to last-minute changes and customer requirements. Shifts can be allocated in advance and pushed out to the operator devices to accept. Being digital, shifts can still be amended or edited, even last minute, without back and forth emailing to operators to confirm changes.

“Many rental companies are reliant on email to deliver shift patterns to the workforce, which is a lengthy and time-consuming process. For companies that undertake a lot of shiftwork, keeping track of the returned acceptance or rejection confirmations by email can be haphazard and lead to errors, especially when it comes to any last minute amendments," explains Nick Thomson, MCS sales director.

The new  app also allows operators to complete timesheets from their phones, rather than using printed timesheet forms. Staff can now use the Timesheet Mobile app to submit their completed shift and amend the hours worked ready for invoicing. Operators can then digitally sign or send to a team leader, which can then be passed to the customer for electronic signature before invoicing.

“We know that it is important to be able to invoice correctly the first time and reduce the number of customers that raise invoice queries and refuse to pay based on either incorrect information, missing signatures, or illegible hand-written timesheets attached to invoices. Digital operator timesheets eliminate any inaccuracies or human error creeping in and allow the accounts team to run a report which auto-populates hours worked, staff and customer signatures, and information of the relevant shift with attached timesheets which are then used to charge customers. This reduces bottlenecks in the accounts team and improves your relationship with customers, offering a professional and seamless invoicing process,” adds Nick.