After innovating in the non-powered access arena - I refer, of course, to its groundbreaking 'Navigator' scissor lfts - Metal & Modular is returning to its métier with the launch of the brand new 'ECO' plasterboard and panel trolley.

The new device differs from similar autobraked models in its growing range, in that four of its all-terrain castors are braked - a fifth castor is still included in the centre for additional stability and manouevrability.

Otherwise, the new unit is safe for two person operation, with a load limit of 1000kg meaning that it will safely shift a sizeable quantity of plasterboard panels, doors, OSB, MDF and other similarly flat construction materials. 

The ECO trolley itself is made from powder coated 2mm and 6mm steel, with a retractable ratchet strap to secure loads and LWH dimensions of 1270mm x 580mm x 1490mm. It is certainly not insubstantial, then, but built to withstand the rigours of use in the jobsite.