Makita has expanded its XGT range with a new impact wrench. The TW004G delivers 4,000 impacts per minute, for optimum performance.

Employing Makita’s 40VMax XGT technology, the TW004G has the power needed to tackle mid-range torque applications, with a maximum fastening torque of 350Nm and nut-busting torque of 630Nm. The TW004G also has a half inch Square Drive (C-ring), which is useful for automotive applications.

The TW004G has four power settings and six application modes, which are easily adjusted depending on the task at hand, and forward/reverse modes for tightening and loosening nuts. The new tool also includes an electric brake and an auto-stop system to make fastening and unfastening bolts much safer. A built-in LED job light boosts visibility when the machine is in use.

Makita’s XGT platform offers high output and fast charging. The durable brushless motor powering the new tool means that no energy is lost through heat production - which increases run times and reduces the need to stop to replace or recharge the batteries.