Rental software specialist, MCS, has finally been able to run an in-person event for its customers, which took place at the famous Brooklands Museum in Weybridge recently.

The annual event, which took place remotely last year, provides a much needed day out of the office and allows customers to review how they are using their software. During the day, they also discovered ways to make their processes more efficient, saving time and money.

“Seeing our clients face-to-face this year felt particularly significant after what feels like such a long time without being able to see our customers in person. Networking plays a key role at these events; we heard many fantastic conversations amongst users, sharing knowledge throughout the day,” said Guy van der Knaap, MCS managing director.

“This annual event is also a huge ‘thank you’ to our customers for their support, ideas, and collaboration. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to provide excellent rental software that will empower rental growth and futureproof hire businesses for years to come, and many of those brilliant ideas stem from our users and their feedback.”

The MCS Customer Day has been held at many iconic venues over the years, including RAF London, JCB HQ, Jaguar Land Rover Experience, and the National Space Centre.