Narrowly missing the recent micro plant market report, Chinese manufacturer of substantial construction and quarrying machinery, LiuGong, has recently launched the 9018F excavator. A handsome unit of an altogether more diminutive scale.

The new machine comes in two variants, both relative flyweights - a canopied version tipping the scales at 1800kg and an enclosed cabbed equivalent at 1900kg. Both are powered by a quiet and efficient Stage V-compliant Yanmar 3TNV80F-SSLY engine delivering 13.4kW and a max torque of 27.4Nm, while the hydraulic system pumps out 55L/minute. 

The 9018F is compact in dimensions too, with a 1580mm track length, a width of 980mm and a total height of 2350mm. The counterweight sits 435mm above the ground, and the tailswing measured from the pivot is 1070mm. Boom length is 1685mm and the bucket capacity is 0.45m3.

It's easy to get bogged down in the stats, so we'll let the moving pictures do a bit more of the talking. Meanwhile, interested parties are directed to the UK LiuGong website for further information.