Komatsu Europe has announced the PC33E-6 - its new 3-tonne class excavator powered by a lithium-ion battery.

Drawing upon over a century of expertise in design, development, and manufacturing, Komatsu regards the introduction of its new model as a springboard for the development of a market for small electric construction machinery. The launch is also a component of its ambition to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

“The PC33E-6 features large capacity batteries and a highly efficient powerline, enabling most customers to work non-stop for a full shift before having to recharge. Thanks to a lightning-fast charging system, downtime is significantly reduced, allowing for increased productivity and efficiency on the job site," explained Group Manager Utility, Emanuele Viel.

The PC33E-6 comes with Komatsus introductory E-support customer program, including a 3-year maintenance plan, full machine warranty, and a 5-year parts warranty covering the high-value electrical powertrain components.

Other highlights include low noise and vibration, high torque from the permanent magnet motor, a 35kWh Li-Ion battery, a high comfort air suspended seat, a new 3.5” LCD monitor and fast 'lunch break' charging.

It's a nice looking machine for our money, too. Find out more at: