The Innovation Trail returns to EHS 2024. It’s our celebration of the products and services that use new energy sources, that look at conventional ideas afresh, or which make tasks easier, quicker, safer and smarter.

This year we're delighted to welcome Infor as our headline sponsor - meet the team and find out about their products on stand A72.

Atlas Copco

The small range of battery-based storage systems are modular, portable and up to 70% lighter in weight than other battery solutions. Their size, which has a lot to do with their high-density lithium-ion batteries, brings a new level of versatility and usability. These battery energy storage systems are easy to use and install and have lower maintenance needs than traditional diesel-driven generators and other alternatives in the market, which translates into a reduced total cost of ownership. Featuring advanced high-density lithium-ion batteries, the systems provide excellent performance with over 12 hours of power from a single charge, and they can be fully charged in less than one hour, depending on the model chosen.


Auger Torque

The Auger Torque Cone Crusher Bucket provides a simple, efficient and cost-effective way to reprocess and/or recycle small volume construction rubble and debris into usable aggregate/hardcore. Whether it’s general clay construction brick, light concrete walling blocks, hollow concrete breeze blocks, concrete pavers, asphalt and more, the Auger Torque Cone Crusher is highly effective at crushing to an output produced material size of around 40-70mm. Ideal for use in applications, including foundation laying, track and yard surfacing, landscaping, roadways or using as a base layer below poured concrete or filling a disposal skip most efficiently. The Auger Torque Cone Crusher Bucket ensures you: save on transport costs of removing onsite waste, save on material costs of hardcore imported to site and Minimise site traffic, delays and hassle.


e-power International

At e-power we are fully committed to our sustainable solutions to reduce environmental impact. Besides traditional diesel and petrol-based generators, we introduce the solutions we are proudest of – our hydrogen and hybrid generators. 

Our hydrogen generator relies on the known and reliable technology of the internal combustion engine. By basing our set on this technology, we can keep these sets affordable. With a few interventions on the engine, we can run the internal combustion engine on 100% hydrogen. Even the purity of the hydrogen may be quite a bit lower than the one needed in fuel cells.

Our hybrid solution, the P-Grid, is a genset combining a diesel generator and batteries. This advanced solution reduces fuel consumption by up to 90%. The intelligent energy management system dynamically optimises power delivery, with the battery taking over peak loads and the generator stepping in to efficiently recharge the battery. The P-Grid adapts to weak grid connections, uses minimal energy and makes the battery a buffer for heavy energy loads.



As well as having an advantageous position at the Executive Hire Show – it’s pretty much the first stand visitors will see as they enter the arena – FuelBox will use the event to launch a brand-new variant of its renowned product line.

Introducing the new 500 litre of AdBlue Box. This innovative solution not only offers a more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bulk containers, but also eliminates deposit charges. Customers also benefit from the company’s efficient nationwide delivery service, ensuring that orders arrive on site the very next day, while embracing sustainability with ease and convenience.

The new FuelBox has a robust construction with weatherproof wrapping, and is it strapped four times for side support and to keep it fixed to the pallet.


GGR Group

The 17.45 electric telehandler is part of the ‘Big Range Full Electric’ series from Faresin, which includes 14.42, 17.40 and 17.45 models.

All are built around the same chassis platform and feature a 45kW/h (105Ah) battery. These electric machines offer run times of up to eight hours of non-intensive use and up to 3.5 hours of intensive use.

An onboard charger comes as standard, offering 0-80% charge in four hours and 0-100% charge in six hours. There is also a universal charging socket that is identical to the type used on motor vehicles, and which also features intelligent charging to ensure that the machines can be charged with whatever power source is available on site – including single or three-phase options.



As a manufacturer specialising in construction equipment, Golz brings its signature precision and reliability to the portable power domain. The BattPak 5048 is fully weather-proof. With an IP67 rating it can still operate when submerged in water, and it will keep out damaging dirt and dust particles.

 Each BattPak has a capacity of 4.8kW, which can be expanded with other Golz battery products to 139kWh. Delivering a robust 5kW continuous output, but also allowing 7.5kW of peak power for the start-up draw of heavy-duty equipment.

 With flexible charging options including solar, mains and electric vehicle charging points, the BattPak 5048 has a fast-charging capability of just one hour. Premium quality Lithium Iron phosphate battery cells, coupled with a Sinewave inverter allow for a minimum of 6,000 charging and discharging cycles.


Groundscare Products

ZipLevel is a lightweight, compact altimeter/level that enables one person, working alone, to quickly complete a survey, set out levels or check work that has been done by others.

Unlike other levels, it does not need line of sight or a staff and tripod. It requires virtually no set up, does the calculations for you and displays results digitally on a hand-held screen. It works around corners and obstacles such as trees and bushes; in deep excavations or cellars; from room to room and even from floor to floor. It can store up to 137 measurements that can be recalled later and it will work over unlimited heights and distances.

It is an ideal piece of survey equipment for builders, garden designers, landscapers, event hire businesses, swimming pool engineers and many more industries.



Husqvarna has expanded its range of battery powered machines with the launch of the K 540i power cutter, which makes use of the company’s BLi 36 V battery platform.

K 540i is a new 10” battery power cutter with an adjustable blade guard and up to 100 mm cutting depth. It is designed to handle a wide range of applications. K 540i also features ‘X-Halt’, an electronic brake system that is engaged if a kickback occurs.

K 540i power cutter is supplied with specially designed Husqvarna diamond blades. Both the machine and blades are now available to order.

The BLi battery system provides a full range of high performing machines on one battery platform. Across the system, a common logic and interface facilitate efficiency and flexibility. The BLi system also features a core drill, a dust extractor, a screed for concrete placement, a water tank, a work light and, launching in March 2024, the LF 60i LAT plate compactor.



inspHire’s market-leading rental management solutions can accelerate your digital transformation strategy; eliminating paper processes and with features dedicated to being optimal and sustainable by design.

inspHire has announced the brand-new what3words integration with inspHire Office Edition. what3words is a proprietary geocode system designed to identify any location on the surface of earth, with a resolution of approximately three metres.

Exact locations can be hard to describe, especially for places without a formal street address, such as construction sites, water meters etc. That’s why inspHire has partnered with what3words, so rental users can easily record and share the exact location of their stored site addresses.



The new J-Strut product enables a new power source for adjusting steel props. Instead of relying on manual labour, operators can use cordless impact wrenches – the batteries for which can be charged with renewable electricity.

J-Strut is now available to pre-order as a size 1 prop, with a distinct and hardwearing yellow paint finish designed to withstand the rigours of use. 

J-Strut has also improved efficiency on site, by reducing the time taken to install and remove props – time trials suggest by up to 50% – and has made a positive environmental impact by removing single-use plastic from the manufacturing process, props not requiring to be individually wrapped in film to contain the handle and the pin.



The Lifos Fort solar PV battery storage system prototype introduced in 2023 to the hire industry, is now production ready for rental firms.

The Lifos Fort has been extensively field tested for safety and completed a rigorous on-site test programme.  Adaptations specifically for the hire industry included the reinforced pallet-fork base, easy to use ESG reporting software and compact solar panel storage in the back of the Fort for safe transport to site.

Already a winner of environmental award at PlantWorx, the Fort is set to significantly reduce the cost, noise and emissions of a diesel generator on site with a compact solar PV and battery storage system. The compact model with in-built solar panels is set to help the construction industry transition to a diesel-free and low-carbon future.

The Fort offers advanced all-in-one solar battery storage with three models: 12kWh, 23kWh and 35kWh all providing an 11kVA output and supplied with 3.4kW of solar panels.



The culmination of extensive R&D and design advances, Mecalac’s REVOTRUCK combines a revolving cabbed dumper with off-road trucking capabilities to make material transport smarter and safer than ever before. Thanks to its unique chassis and central oscillation, operators can safely receive a load before rotating the entire cab at the touch of a button to face the direction of travel with no visual obstructions.

With two load capacity options – a six-tonne and nine-tonne variant – the revolutionary new model is powered by a Stage V-compliant 74hp Perkins turbocharged engine, delivering 380Nm torque @ 1,380rpm and featuring a DOC and DPF as standard to minimise environmental impact.

The rotation of the cab gives optimum visibility for the operator and reduces downtime for tricky manoeuvres, while three steering modes (2-wheel, 4-wheel and 4-wheel crab) and a turning radius make it the perfect earthmoving solution for tight jobsites.


MHM Group

The Mobile Solar Station-2400W is equipped with six 400W monocrystalline solar panels, featuring electric-controlled inclination, effectively harnesses solar power. The design includes forklift pockets, extendable stabilisers and a central lifting eye for easy mobility and setup. It features an advanced electrical setup, including a 30°-75° adjustable solar panel enhancing energy capture. The station is further equipped with a solar battery charger and fast connectors, allowing for seamless combination of up to four units.

The Mobile Solar Station-2400W stands out for its impressive maximum average daily power output of 10.5 KWh. Additionally, its compact and efficient design allows for transporting up to nine units on a single 40ft truck, achieving a combined power capacity of 21,600W. This station is a blend of innovative technology and environmental responsibility, making it an ideal candidate for sustainable energy solutions.



The POWRSYNC cutting-edge device creates a parallel battery system to harness the combined power output and storage capacity of multiple POWR2 POWRBANKs. By utilising advanced technology, users can effortlessly connect up-to four POWRBANK batteries, enabling them to operate independently or in unison.

Users can tap into the combined energy of the batteries to effortlessly power even the most demanding devices and applications and eliminate the challenges of powering varying loads. The POWRSYNC enhances the scalability of temporary power fleets; the ultimate technology to make battery fleets more flexible.


Pramac Generac

Pramac Generac continues its path towards a brighter energy future, expanding its products’ portfolio. The latest addition, PRAMAC LX LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Series is a silent battery system that produces no polluting emissions. 

Powered by advanced technology that has a lifespan among the best in its category and is characterised by a high level of safety. The superior thermal stability and lower environmental impact elevate the product to a higher level. 

Ease of use is highlighted through its plug-and-play functionality, facilitated by ON and OFF buttons and a user-friendly colour touch screen. Other features include system current pass-through capability, auto load and battery start control, renewable photovoltaic integration option and remote monitoring. 

The mobile power bank can be used in a series of applications, including construction, events, utilities, off-grid for commercial or domestic and EV charging.



Leveraging Rotair’s considerable experience with petrol engines, the team introduces the new MDVN32B and MDVN34E compressors.

The MDVN32B delivers 3200l/min at 7 bar, operating pressures 7, 10 or 12 bar, with standard and aftercooled version for air-critical applications. It is powered by a Briggs & Stratton four stroke 896cc petrol engine.

MDVN34E delivers 3400l/min at 7 bar, operating pressures 7, 10 or 12 bar, with standard and aftercooled version for air-critical applications. It is powered by a Siemens 22kW motor. This important innovation in portable air compressors also addresses the demands for units with zero-emissions in this category, for works in urban areas and city centres where prohibitions of using endothermic engines are becoming increasingly frequent.



One of the most highly anticipated electric machines is now finally available and in the UK.

The new TB20e is a 100% battery powered mini that delivers eight hours of continuous working time at 65% load. That is a significant output that matches the typical work-rate of its equivalent diesel TB216. The TB20e also matches for dig depth, dump height, travel and slew speed.

It features electro-hydraulic controls, a 24.7kW lithium-ion battery and three charging options: onboard, offboard and tethered. The TB20e  is available with a portable fast charger that securely rests on the blade when transporting.

The Electric Takeuchi has been in the United Rentals fleet for two years in the USA, and Takeuchi is confident of its performance credentials. It delivers a quieter zero emission model that can get to work anywhere. For the hire industry the Executive Hire Show is a chance to come and take a closer look.



Trime has developed a range of fuel-saving and low-emission Stage 5-compliant generators aided by a combination of solar panels, batteries and inverters.

Trime solar hybrid Stage 5 generators provide continuous emission-free power (when operating solely via its inverter system), backed up by the latest fuel-efficient water-cooled diesel engine which automatically charges the batteries and then shuts down when the batteries are fully charged.

The sets are fitted with a Cerbo GX Touch 50 intelligent control system, which monitors the power generated from the solar panels, battery charge status, fuel usage and operating load. An operator can observe the generator’s status remotely via an in-built telemetry system from a PC, tablet or smartphone. The control system also monitors the load and will ensure that correct power remains consistent with demand. This eliminates the perennial problem of ‘light-loading’ which damages the engine and reduces the need for supplementary servicing.



With working widths from 0.80 m to 1.80 m, the Vögele MINI 500 (diesel) and MINI 500e (battery-electric) tracked pavers, and the MINI 502 (diesel) and MINI 502e (battery-electric) wheeled pavers are perfect for small-scale construction projects that include cycle and pedestrian paths, paving between railroad tracks or repair work in small inner-city sites.  Their narrow turning radius makes the pavers extremely agile, perfect when working in tight working spaces.

Compact transport dimensions of 2670 x 870 x 1585 mm and low weights of between 1000 and 1500 kg (model dependant) allow for easy transport.

The battery-electrical drive systems used in the MINI 500e and the MINI 502e make them ideal for local emission-free asphalt paving. The Vögele electric mini pavers provide a sustainable production system when used in conjunction with the battery-electrical tandem rollers from the Hamm CompactLine, supporting the sustainability targets of our customers and Wirtgen Group’s ambitions to expand the availability of electrified product models by 2026.