With the Husqvarna K1 PACE, customers are offered a high power battery cutter that can handle the heavy duty jobs.

It is the first product to be launched using Husqvarna’s new ‘PACE’ battery system.
K1 PACE boasts power and performance equivalent to petrol-powered cutters, with all the additional benefits battery power brings to both operators and the environment. The PACE battery system can also be utilised for more machines, as the battery-powered family expands. In addition to the power cutters and battery system, diamond blades in 12" and 14"/300 and 350 mm have been optimised for battery operation.

The K1 PACE is also equipped with X-Halt brake function, which is capable of stopping the rotation of a blade in a fraction of a second. Other highlights include lower vibrations, smoother cutting, low weight and optimal centre of gravity, which helps to reduce strain on the body. The

K1 PACE will launched in the latter half of the year, and additional technical data will be released soon.