Husqvarna has introduced a new battery power cutter for rail cutting. As well as offering a series of features designed to optimise performance.

K1 PACE Rail is designed for work on railways, tram tracks and metro systems. As Mattias Holmdahl, Husqvarna’s senior manager, global product & service management explains:
"Cutting a rail track requires power, precision and speed.The K 1 PACE Rail delivers all this and more by combining efficiency and a powerful motor with new advances in technology. What also sets it apart is the fact it offers the freedom of battery power. This means zero CO2 emissions during use, which can contribute to a cleaner, more pleasant working environment.”

K 1 PACE Rail has been designed with safety in mind. For instance, the machine’s 'X-Halt' brake function stops blade rotation in fractions of a second. In addition, the power-to-weight ratio provides optimal balance, allowing the operator to cut more efficiently, enjoy greater control and work with less strain on the body.

“With the new K 1 PACE Rail, the benefits of battery power are there to be seen and enjoyed. Users also enjoy versatility thanks to the RA 11 attachment which is supplied as standard," Matthias continues.

"As well as allowing cutting from both sides of the track, the attachment also delivers perfect right-angled cuts when fastened to the track. We believe that the combination of this kind of smart technological solution and the liberating potential of a battery powered cutter make K1 PACE Rail an extremely attractive option in its segment.”