Husqvarna Construction has launched the first wave of its recently rebranded Blastrac and Diamatic surface preparation products. As of June 8, the fully integrated range - including floor scrapers, scarifiers and floor grinders - will be available in all key markets.

The acquisition of Blastrac was completed in January last year, and Husqvarna later announced its intention to further consolidate brands in the surface preparation segment with a supporting campaign labelled 'The Orange Evolution2'.

“We have showcased our rebranded product range at multiple trade shows, it has been very well received and we are really happy to announce that we are now ready to start delivering to our broad range of customers in the surface preparation industry” explained Stijn Verherstraeten, senior vice president concrete surfaces & floors at Husqvarna Construction.

This additional offering has enhanced the existing Husqvarna surface preparation portfolio, by bringing advanced shot-blasting, scraping and scarifying solutions to Husqvarna customers and partners. In turn, Blastrac customers and partners now have access to adjacent products such as compactors, concrete placement equipment, sawing & drilling equipment and demolition robots, as well as a wide (digital) service offering.

The second wave of rebranded Blastrac and Diamtatic products is targeted to arrive in spring 2023, and will include shot- and steel-blasting equipment, and associated dust extractors. Until then, these products will continue to be available under the Blastrac brand.