HireHop has just released a new scanning module that can also be run as a progressive web app on any device. The new addition is available to all users - even those using the free version of the software.

HireHop’s Product Manager, Daniel Shenker, said: “HireHop’s ethos is not just doing the minimum to say we have “a feature”, we always strive to implement features never seen or tried before and, with our new scanning app, we have invented new technology to give users more scanning functionality than ever before to further boost their warehouse productivity and accuracy. We are so proud to give our users all of these world class features, and at no extra cost.”

The new scanning app is fully adaptive and works on all mobile devices, including mobile PDA scanners. Users can use their phone camera as a barcode or QR code reader from within the app. The new app can use many technologies together or separately, including barcodes, QR codes, RFID, and even manual batch entry.

There are many more unique and advanced features, such as giving users the ability to customise sounds for scans and messages. Another new addition is the ability to buffer scans if your device is out of network range. When within range of a network, the technology allows all devices to talk to each other in real time, ensuring that scans are updated instantly on all devices that need to know. Users can even scan out a project (being a group of jobs) which will also talk to all users scanning out the project’s jobs, and vice versa.

Operators  can also check scans, which gives them the ability to do a job or project 'stock check' after it was scanned out - for example, a driver can do a check scan on collection to make sure he has loaded everything. The new scanning app also adds numerous protections to prevent user
mistakes, such as preventing equipment with test failures or damages from being sent out, preventing assets being sent on multiple different jobs at the same time, stopping too much being sent out, automatically updating availability for additional items scanned out without any user intervention, making sure sub rentals are sent on jobs if need be instead of your own stock.

There are other new technologies that HireHop created to improve performance, including developing their own sandboxed multi-threading technology on the server side, which guarantees speed, stability and security. There are numerous other features to make scanning faster, easier and more adaptable to suit the many different needs users have.

Meet the HireHop team and find out more about the new software features on Stand A22 at EHS 2024