The days are certainly getting shorter, although let's hope that summer isn't quite over yet. Meanwhile, the Hire Supply Company is preparing for autumn and beyond, with the launch of two new lighting products.

The first is the Elite Delta 36 Watt LED light (below), which is the portable, battery-powered version of the popular DL36 110v wired model.

The new unit is IP65 rated and provides 360 degrees of light and a remarkable 3600 Lumens. Being battery powered, there's no need for trails of extension leads, while the lower Wattage LED bulbs are both more efficient and last many times longer than traditional halogen equivalents. 

In the same vein, the new Elite Omega LED light has been designed with the construction and utilitiy industries, and ultimate convenience in mind. In a neat twist, a 240 volt charger is built into the unit, being stored in its own compartment to the rear. The base of the light has a powerful magnet in each of its feet, allowing users to securely place the light on metallic surfaces for optimum versatility.

The Omega LED Light is IP54 rated, with a 25 Watt LED producing 4000 Lumens. A compact and eminently carryable form factor rounds out the package.

Both units are launching in August. See the HSC website for pre-order info and availability.