Flogas Britain has partnered with Himoinsa to provide a cleaner, more cost-effective energy solution for UK businesses currently relying on diesel generators.

“Businesses running their generators on diesel will have recently faced significant price hikes, now that the subsidy has been lifted across most sectors. They also need to meet increasingly pressing sustainability targets and legislative requirements, which means many are now looking to invest in lower carbon alternatives. This is where liquid gas offers the perfect solution. Not only is it cheaper than diesel, but it’s much cleaner too,” said David Taylor, commercial director at Flogas.

While Himoinsa MD Clive Dix (right) added: “We’re fully committed to providing greener power solutions for our customers. It’s why we’ve been producing gas generators for more than ten years now, and why we offer a wide range of other alternative power options like biodiesel, battery storage and others under development like hydrogen. As we work to drive a greener energy transition, gas will play a vital role.”

Flogas and Himoinsa will provide liquid gas solutions for businesses with temporary and permanent power generation needs. Liquid gas tanks will be fitted with auto ordering technology, which triggers a refill when levels are running low and ensures customers always have the power they need.