A timely product announcement from Hire Supply Company, which has just revealed the new Trotec PAE 81 evaporative cooler.

Trotec is now part of the Dantherm Group, which owns Master Climate Solutions. HSC are the sole distributors of the brand to the UK tool hire industry, of course.

There's no need to beat about the bush while the temperatures continue to soar outside, so here are those all-important facts and figures. The 4-in-1 (cooling, ventilation, humidification and purification) PAE 81 has a 60 litre tank and offers an evaporative performance of 2.8 litres per hour - or over 21 continuous hours of operation, in practical terms. The unit has four fan speeds, four supplied ice packs, a 15-hour timer and remote controls - or a digital touchscreen if you favour a more tactile experience. It can cool an area of up to 80 m² or 200 m³.

The upper part of the device can be detached to reduce overall height from 111.5cm to just 70.5cm for storage purposes. While the automated swing of the inner fins ensures that the cool air is distributed evenly - the outer fins can be manually angled too. Easy running wheels, recessed handles and an inoffensive form factor round out the package.

All told, the PAE 81 is a boon on blisteringly hot days such as these. See www.hscgroupuk.co.uk for further information.