Introducing the new HSC Elite LED Twin Beam LED15WRPL Battery Powered Light.

The versatile portable LED light can produce up to 1400 lumens at its highest setting and lasts up to ten hours on its lowest. There are two different lighting modes to select - a 20° spotlight and a 120° wide angle task light, which can be set to 350, 700 or 1400 lumens. It comes with a USB Type-A to Type-C cable for faster charge rates.

A highlight feature of the LED15WRPL is a magnetic handle that rotates through 180°,  meaning users can attach it to any magnetic surface. The unit can also be used free standing or it can be handheld.

The compact and lightweight LED15WRPL is the latest addition to the Elite line up of LED lighting, and easily lives up to the high standards of the wider Elite range.