The Hire Supply Company has added a new range of 'Heylo' air purifiers to its vast portfolio, all helping in the continued fight against airborne lurgies and the ongoing pandemic.

The new range of portable and compact Heylo HEPA 14 anti-virus air purifiers are Ideal for industrial and domestic applications, such as offices, showrooms, shops, conference and training rooms, schools, nurseries, and other indoor facilities.

The sleek Heylo HL400 (pictured) and HL800 units cover areas of up to 50m2 and 66m2 respectively, and both models come fitted with an ultraviolet disinfection lamp as standard. The air within a room can be filtered up to five times per hour, reducing the risk of airborne pathogens, bacteria, mould, dust particles larger than five micrometres, organic compounds, harmful gases and obnoxious odours. This ensures that the air is fresh and prevents viruses from spreading in the air or on surfaces.