Global Iifting Awareness Day 2024 will take place on Thursday July 18 - not only that, this year's event is promoted with a new hashtag and a bright new logo.

Powered by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) and supporting organisations, GLAD2024 will bring together manufacturers, suppliers and end users in encouraging safe and high quality load lifting. Social posts, videos, articles and in-person activities will be bound together by the hashtag #GLAD2024.

“GLAD is now positioned as a globally recognised concept and has achieved a brand-like status, perhaps ahead of schedule, following ongoing efforts from industry stakeholders to raise its profile. We’re looking to use its popularity to raise awareness of what our industry people do and what those outside of the sector need to do to become part of our world. This is why the themes LEEA will focus on this year are skills and employment," said LEEA CEO Ross Moloney.

The new logo captures this evolution, moving away from the previous version that centred on a hook, towards a graphic that focuses more on the title of the awareness event. The text is built around the gantry element of so many cranes and lifting technologies — instantly recognisable to industry representatives with the means to promote the sector. LEEA has consciously pivoted, putting the main focus on GLAD rather than a particular component or piece of equipment, reiterating that #GLAD2024 is for everyone.

As in previous years, LEEA is encouraging its members, end users and everyone in between, to contribute by using the graphic and hashtag to celebrate their involvement with the industry and promote it as an interesting place to work, with skills and employment as suggested focal points of outreach efforts.

Moloney added: “LEEA’s vision is to reduce all accidents, injuries, and fatalities within the lifting industry to zero, and we have various initiatives in place to achieve this. The fundamental tool in all these initiatives is knowledge transfer, enabling CPD, and raising standards of practise. The way by which LEEA provides access to and disseminates knowledge, is through vehicles such as our online training platform, technical triage, Chatbot, guidance documents, and other resources.”

Industry representatives are again invited to share their content so that LEEA can add it to their website, where information about apprenticeships, military recruitment, diversity, sustainability, and technology has been posted during previous years.