Online aggregators of plant and tool hire services are most defintely a thing at the moment. The latest, called 'GetMyEquipment', is planning its assault one step at a time, and goes live in the London area on February 22.

The new online service is the brainchild of CEO Stephen Lewin and COO Siddarth Ragoowanshi. In terms of ambition, the management team desires nothing less than being the hire equivalent of, which is a lofty aim for starters. Thereafter, the company aims to develop organically, bringing other cities and regions online as and when business growth allows. Right now, the site has Star Platforms, Mr Plant Hire and Hire4Lower on the books, with several other small and medium sized companies apparently lining up post-launch.

Users will find a straightforward interface, being presented with customised and fully comprehensive quotes for items searched and having the ability to rate suppliers afterwards. Hirers thinking about taking part are directed to the new GetMyEquipment website for further details. 

Otherwise, it's all neatly explained in the video below.