In pursuit of its 2040 net-zero ambitions, GAP has placed a substantial order for sustainable site lighting from Trime UK Limited.

The order itself, worth over £4m, includes Trime's X-SOLAR, X-SOLAR/HYBRID, X-HYBRID and the Cambridgshire company's latest product, the X-LITHIUM HYBRID.

In terms of performance, the X-SOLAR is entirely noise and emission free. Meanwhile, Trime estimates that the average monthly fuel cost for the X-SOLAR/HYBRID is a minuscule £5.00, with monthly emissions of just 17kg of CO2. The X-SOLAR HYBRID is powered by a combination of a small fuel-efficient diesel engine and a series of AGM batteries. The set can run on battery power for up to 11 hours before recharging becomes necessary.

Commenting on the purchase, Ken Stewart, GAP’s head of procurement said: “With all the negatives that surround the use of diesel, many contractors are actively seeking alternatives to power their sites. In addition, diesel prices are set to rise when the Government introduces tax changes that means most users of red diesel will be taxed at the standard rate. The low running costs and sustainable elements of the Trime lights will help to lessen fuel usage and lower emissions, whilst aiding us to move forward to our 2040 goals."