The new Etesia ‘Donky’ electric wheelbarrow is designed to make site easier, reducing effort, noise, polluting fumes and the need to buy fuel for motorised wheelbarrows.

The Donky is comfortable, environmentally friendly and silent, carrying tools with ease with its exclusive MRM tray and accessories. It is ideal for a variety of jobs including cleaning, landscaping, transportation of liquids and, handily for this time year, snow removal.

The Donky is 100% electric and is powered by a 1700 W engine, meaning that it works in complete silence and does not emit any harmful pollutants. In terms of performance, the hourly cost of use is in the region of £0.03, depending on use. It can move loads up to 250kg or 180L (400L with the boards) in one trip, with emptying assisted by a central lever. The tank integrated in the tray holds 85L of water or liquid, and a spray hose can also be connected.

Lastly, two driving wheels power the unit over difficult terrain and its rather attractive ‘agricultural profile’ rounds out the package.