ECHO Tools UK has introduced a new catalogue of its comprehensive accessory and PPE ranges.

Professional safety gear is essential for protection and comfort while working, to which end ECHO offers its Performance Series and Pro-Tech Series. Both are sufficiently robust for the professional market, but are also suitable for domestic users.

The Performance series offers two styles of chainsaw trouser, both featuring six layers of blocking material for protection against accidental chainsaw contact. The chainsaw flex trousers have Polyamide and elastane for high flexibility and comfort, with Pezaflex aqua waterproof reinforcement for weather protection. High visibility with reflective elements is common to the chainsaw and brushcutter trousers in the Pro-Tech Series, while being lightweight yet highly protective in extreme weather conditions. Heavy-duty gloves, chainsaw gloves, a multi-purpose helmet, protective sleeves and braces complete the PPE line-up.

The ECHO range of accessories and consumables also include oils and grease, batteries and chargers, harnesses, trimmer line, hedge trimmer tip guards, the Rotary Scissor Head and YOUCAN kits.

ECHO batteries are specifically designed for ECHO electric power tools. Including both 2Ah and 4Ah variants, they fit the 50V or 58V Lithium-ion ranges and are interchangeable between selected tools in the range.  The chargers and rapid chargers ensure batteries are topped up for maximum productivity.

The Rotary Scissor Head is a brushcutter attachment which features two contra-rotating blades for precise cutting. ECHO trimmer lines are made for high durability and performance, being manufactured with copolymer resins. There are four ranges to suit all professional and consumer needs. There is also a range of versatile metal blades.

Among other ECHO consumables are own-brand chain oils, two-stroke oils and grease. A sharp chain makes all the difference in cutting speed, productivity, comfort and safety. ECHO chainsaw files are high quality and help reduce servicing costs by maintaining a well-sharpened saw. There is also a complete range of guide bars and chains.

YOUCAN is ECHO’s maintenance kit for tuning up a selection of chainsaws, brushcutters, hedge trimmers and power blowers. It comprises air filter, fuel filter and spark plug. ECHO batteries have a two-year warranty, the Rotary Scissor Head has a one-year domestic guarantee and 180-day professional warranty,  and ECHO clothing comes with a manufacturer’s guarantee.