It has come to our attention that EHS exhibitors may have received an email which, at first glance, looks like it was sent by the Executive Hire Show team. 

Two emails sent earlier today offer the opportunity to purchase a list of EHS attendees, purporting such benefits as direct contact details and a return on investment for all direct marketing campaigns using the list. Both senders sign off using the EHS logo, although it is somewhat compressed and low resolution.

These emails are very obviously fraudulent scams. We take very seriously our obligation to protect the personal information that we hold for companies and individuals. As such we have never sought to engage third parties to sell such data on our behalf.

Please beware of emails coming from ‘Sara James’, whose email address is ‘’, ‘Carol Smith’ at ‘’, or anybody else with an unfamiliar email – our addresses always end with ‘’

Unfortunately, this is not the first time that other companies have endeavoured to benefit from our hard work. However, it is important that the industry is made aware of such spurious activities. Two other scams to watch out for include:

Fairguide / Expo Guide
We would like to make it clear that EHS, EHN or our parent company the Hemming Group do not have any relationship with 'Fairguide' or 'Expo Guide', either of which may contact exhibitors about listing their products in some kind of catalogue.

Hotels Scam
We are aware of companies contacting exhibitors in an attempt to sell ‘discounted’ hotel rooms/services on behalf of the event organisers. If you receive a call of this nature we advise that you treat it as suspicious, hang up, and contact the organisers directly. Always contact any hotel you wish to book with directly to avoid being scammed. The official hotel agent will be clearly listed on the EHS website.

That's all we know for the time being, but keep 'em peeled for other attempts to steal your data or money.