Dragon Equipment has developed new attachments for its LF750 and LF1000 Lifters. Designed and largely built entirely in the UK, the compact machines are designed to make transporting materials around site quicker, easier and safer.

The LF750 is capable of lifting up to 750kg, whereas its wider counterpart the LF1000 can handle up to 1,000kg. Both machines are available with the Vanguard 400 14HP petrol engine from Briggs & Stratton or the Hatz 1B50 Diesel engine. Hybrid power is also an option.

The lifting arm can quickly and easily have additional attachments added or swapped. The new attachments include a cruciform lifter designed to pick up and transport bags of sand with its X-shaped design, a log grab claw and a post hole borer. 

Regardless of which attachment is used, both machines boast intuitive cotrols and have a front stability foot that doubles-up as a load stabiliser while tracking. They also include  a raised platform for the operator to stand on to ensure optimum operating visibility.

All terrain tracks allow the Dragon Lifters to be used in all conditions on any building site or home based project. For ease of transport both machines weigh under 630kg, and will fit in most trailers or vans. The LF750 is just 700mm wide so will fit through a standard doorway, even the LF1000 at just 840mm wide is perfect for jobs where access is narrow or restricted.