Doosan Bobcat  will be showing the E10e mini-excavator at next month's Executive Hire Show - the industry's first battery-driven zero tail swing machine in the one tonne class. Alongside the E10e, the company will be presenting the new 7/45 portable compressor for the first time in the UK.

The Bobcat E10e electric mini-excavator is a unique proposition for indoor work. As well as indoor demolition and basement projects, there are many other sites where zero emission, low noise machines are required, such as urban/city centre developments, night-time work and contracts in noise sensitive zones.

The new E10e has the same ZTS profile and identical external dimensions as the standard E10z machine and offers equal or better performance. For example, the E10e offers very low noise levels on site with an LpA of only 72 dBA vs 80 dBA for the standard E10z.

Like the E10z, the E10e is easy to transport. In addition to the access provided by its retractable undercarriage reducing its width to only 710 mm, the integrated foldable TOPS facilitates passage through openings with low headroom. Once the excavator is positioned for work, the undercarriage on the E10e can be expanded to 1100mm, for maximum stability in all working conditions.

Meanwhile, the 7/45 compressor (below) is one of four new small Stage V models launched by Doosan Portable Power at the end of 2021, with free air deliveries from 2.5 to 5.0 m³/min (90-180 cfm) and designed with a focus on simplicity, durability, reliability and transportability.

The 7/45 compressor provides 4.0 m³/min (140 cfm) of compressed air at 7 bar nominal pressure. Like all Doosan portable compressors, there is a wide range of options and customizations available for the 7/45 to meet customer needs. To illustrate this, the 7/45 on the EHS stand will incorporate an optional 8.5 kVA generator and is aimed at the utilities industry and rental companies serving this sector.

The 7/45 on show also features a Tough Top (polymer) canopy, which is now a standard feature on all the new small compressors. The new easy-to-open canopy creates a fantastic line with the newly designed polymer mudguards and bumpers. Newly integrated LED lights are also offered as standard for all the machines as well as environmentally important bunded bases. The long-standing metal canopy versions are still available to customers as an option.