The Hire Supply Company (HSC) has just launched six new products from Master, all aimed at cooling and sanitising the environment.

The first three models of evaporative coolers offer air flows from 12000 to 30000m3 per hour, all with Integrated UV lamps for disinfecting water to help reduce the risk of airborne viruses and bacteria. The new model numbers to note are BC121, BC221 (pictured below) and BC341.

In the same general arena, three new 240 volt cooling fans boast air flows ranging from 6450 to 10200m3 per hour, all built with the tool hire industry in mind and ideal for keeping a site temperate when/if the warm weather returns. The new models in this instance are DF20, DFX20 and DF30.

All six of new products come with Master's three-year limited warranty.